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performances in Hiroshima & Nagasaki


a solemn moment before performance in Peace Park, Hiroshima, in front of mass grave

"Music of the cosmos" - Asahi Shimbun

"The music is in another world" - The New York Times

"A soul-journey that will strike a deep chord with diverse listeners" - Village Voice

Swiftly, How Swiftly... (excerpt) - Raphael Mostel and Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble

© Raphael Mostel / (ASCAP) used with permission

Raphael Mostel's tribute to the remarkable Beate Sirota Gordon,

who arranged for Source Music, Inc. to co-present these performances in association with The Asia Society

of his compositions Swiftly, How Swiftly... and The River with the

Tibetan Singing Bowl Ensemble: New Music for Old Instruments in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Japan, for the ceremonies commemorating the victims of the atomic bombs

with host Rev. Satoh at Mitakidera, Hiroshima

Ensemble musicians, front: Dan Erkkila, Geoffrey Gordon, Raphael Mostel, Yoshiki Araki

back: John Charles Thomas, C. Bryan Rulon, (Rev. Satoh & guide Naomi Itoh), Arnold Greenwich


digital fossils CD 10009-2

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